The Process
  Before we start evaluating websites, take a look at the links below. Read through each one carefully--they will provide you with important information that is necessary to make your evaluation decisions.
 Step 1
 First, read through the following website about the different types of websites.
Woodlands Junior School

Next, read these sites on evaluating websites.
Go ahead and take the QUICK Quiz.
QUICK-The Quality Information Checklist
Multnomah County Library

Last, take a look at this site-it's a pretty good example of the type of Mission's Website that we might use on our 4th Grader Pages.
My Mission   (Check out the Missions, History, and Sources pages.)
 Step 2
  After you've finished reading this page and have read through all the websites, pick up a set of evaluation forms with your name on them. This will tell you your job description and who is in your group.

Use Google (or another Search Engine from our library site) to locate prospective websites. Make sure you look past the first page of results--some of the best sites may not be the highest ranked.

  Once you have completed the review of five websites, rank them in order of which one you think is the best, then meet with your group-mates to discuss the sites you found. Do you have any in common? Explain your choices to the group. Work among the three of you to pick the two best websites.
 Step 3
  Work together as a group and use Microsoft word to list the sites you have chosen. In a brief paragraph list at least two things about each site that your group chose and at least two things that could be improved. Once all groups have finished we will share our findings. Pick a member of your group to present your information.

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